Many years ago the Time Lord casted out his most capable and gifted scientist because of his attempts to create the great evil. The mad scientist disappeared underground and nobody heard of him again. But now he has returned, with his evil serum that can liven up every object and he can control it. The fight between the Time Lord and the scientist has begun.

Now the universe is in your hands hero. Warrior, your quest is to stop the mad scientist. You are Time Warrior Z. Your task is to overcome each challenge that is in your way and to follow the scientist in whatever time period he goes to. And to stop him. Will you accept the challenge warrior?

Get into the (Slashing) game and slash your way through the different levels with a variety of weapons.

Fight with different weapons in every level.

Challenge yourself and your reactions with the expert complexity.

Don’t let the scientist escape!

LEVEL 1 - DOJO17/07/2018

A japanese Dojo;

Weapon – Katana/Dual Katana;

Evil creature – Crazy Watermelons


LEVEL 2 - PERNIK01/11/2018
Pernik Mine;

Weapon – „Vinkel“ with LED and Laser Targeting;

Evil creature – Coal pieces;

LEVEL 3 - VIKING SHIP24/09/2018
Viking Ship;

Weapon – Battle Axe/Shield;

Evil creature – Pig Barrels;

Level 4 - Underwater01/04/2019

Weapon – Trident;

Evil creature – Evil Starfish;

LEVEL 5 - OUTER SPACE14/12/2018
Outer Space;

Weapon – Sci-Fi Blade;

Evil creature – Space Probes;

Level 6 - Digital World20/07/2019
Digital World;

Weapon – Dual Blades;

Evil Creature – 8Bit Aliens;

Level 7 - Halloween31.10.2019

Weapons – Bloody Machete

Evil being – Crazy pumpkins

Level 8 - ?????30.01.2020
Coming Soon!